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A large part of Zambia’s households have no electricity. Due to the country’s size and inaccessibility of remote areas, national grid extension is not an option for many households. The only realistic opportunity for these houdseholds is to get access to renewable energy generated by for example solar panels.

Zambia faces important barriers to immediate deployment of those renewable energy options. There is:

  • a limited technical capacity and training to design, install, operate, manage and maintain renewable energy systems;
  • a limited availability and access to existing renewable energy resource information;
  • a lack of public awareness on renewable energy technologies other than that they exist.

Pumulani Renewable Energy Centre

To alleviate the above problems, Pumulani Renewable Energy Centre was set up in 2009. Its mission is to be Zambia’s main centre for education and training on renewable energy. The training and demonstration facility is located in the green hills of Kafue, south of Zambia’s capital Lusaka, with direct access to the main Lusaka – Chirundu road.

In this centre, there is place for local, national and regional groups to be familiarised with and training in the use of renewable energies for their communities.

Provision of Training

Pumulani Centre will provide hands-on and tailor-made courses for technicians and entrepreneurs through direct linkage with the private sector and by using trainers with full experience in production, installation and maintenance of solar installations. Aim, subject and length of training courses are tailor-made and discussed with the client. Length of courses ranges from 1 – 10 days.


The Pumulani Renewable Energy Centre also offers an after-training support service to newly established solar entrepreneurs.


Organising of introduction and demo days

Pumulani Centre provides organised introduction days upon request. Visitores will view various renewable technology applications and receive explanations and demonstrations in the centre. Specific demos and technical guidance can be organised for those clients using/thinking of using renewable energy equipment.


The founders of Pumulani as well as the Centre’s permanent staff are qualified teachers and highly skilled and competent in delivery of training and information through their business skills, management experience, building of partnerships and their know-how on renewable energy.


Pumulani depends on three types of revenu:

Income through provision of training and education
Income from organised demonstration activities
Income through provision of student and teacher lodging facilities (in near future)

Capital investment

The founders have provided a substantial part of the required start-up seed capital but additional finances for daily operations and provision of services are required.

Our clients

Our clients include: governmental departments and organisations concerned with energy access, NGO’s, business, safaris, religious groups/missions, relief groups operating health and educational facilities with solar equipment.


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