Suntech Appropriate Technology LTD. 25 Years of Experience


Suntech Appropriate Technology is a Zambian company officially registered with the Patents and Companies Registration Office since 1993. Suntech is also registered with and licensed by the Energy Regulation Board.

The company specializes in small, medium and large scale solar, power back-up and hybrid solar systems.

Solar energy can be implemented in a wide variety of day to day activities for usage in homes, businesses, hospitals etc. Solar systems can be used for indoor and outdoor lights, computers, TVs/decoders, fridges and freezer, electric fences and many more electrical appliances. In addition Suntech provides solar street lights, solar geysers, solar water pumps, solar fridges etc.

With over 25 years of experience our team of qualified experts design tailor made solar- , power back up- and hybrid systems for every customer. We provide after sales services and repairs as well as installations country wide. All our equipment is sourced from well-known manufacturers who offer decent guarantees.

Suntech is always well stocked and almost always able to immediately supply you with the right equipment for your energy needs.

We specialize in:
Solar Energy solutions.
Power-back-up systems
Power Protection Equipment for Domestic appliances

Our services include:

  • project identification and evaluation
  • project planning and implementation
  • sizing & supply of components
  • manufacturing of roof module frames, battery racks, inverter pods, etc.
  • installation of equipment country wide
  • maintenance and repairs of our equipment

Suntech is an official supplier for:
Victron Energy Equipment (solar panels, inverters, inverter/chargers, solar charge regulators, AGM deep cycle batteries etc.), Lithium Batteries (48V models), Enertec solar batteries, Steca charge regulators, Phocos charge regulators, Steca solar refrigerators, National Luna DC refrigerators, Laskaris solar geysers, Sollatek power protection equipment, and more.