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Laskaris Solair Solar Geysers

Our Thermosiphonic Solar tanks were inspired by today’s trends and the people’s needs, therefore allowing to effectively save money and to “go green” and reduce carbon footprints. The new and improved design of the Solair tank has drastically reduced the cost of the finished product although maintaining the same, over all high quality. The Solair tanks are manufactured in Greece abiding by European standard EN 12976.

The new metal structural supports are compatible to every tank model without any special adjustment needed. The structure holds the main tank as well as the Flat Plate collectors. Flat Plate collectors are manufactured in accordance with European standards. The Solair hot water systems are quickly and easily installed.

We currently the following sizes of Laskaris Solair Solar Geysers. 80Litre, 120Litre, 150Litre, 200Litre and 300Litre. The 200Litre and 300Litre models will come with 2 sets of flat plate collectors.

Inner Tank Material:  Metal steel sheet DC 2,5mm for the main tank (EN 10130/2006) and 1,5mm for the jacket (exchanger) (EN 10130/2006)
Internal Anticorrosion Protection: a) LIQUID enamel (DIN 4753-3), totally safe for public health (DIN 51032 & ΕΝ 1388-2) and b) magnesium anode (EN 12438)
Welding: MAG
Insulation: Rigid polyurethane foam of 48kg/m3 (DIN 53420), 50mm thickness, self-extinguishing (DIN 4102)
Maximum Working Pressure for the Main Tank: 10 bar
Test Pressure for the Main Tank: 15 bar (EN 12976-1, 4.1.6)
Maximum Working Pressure for the Jacket (Exchanger): 3,5 bar
Test Pressure for the Jacket (Exchanger): 5 bar (EN 12976-1/2006, 4.1.6)
Maximum Working Temperature of the Main Tank: 95οC
Heating Element: Yes, included along with a thermostat and sacrificial anode.
External Cover: Pre-painted galvanized steel sheet 0,5mm (EN 10204/2.2)

  • Antibacterial design for heating drinking water.
  • Consistent and immediate hot water supply
  • Functional design
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Small footprint
  • 5 year warranty (Ts & Cs apply)
  • Electrical Heating Element can be connected to grid
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